Bree Richey

Bree Richey


Jewelry Artists & Our Adornments

Custom, designer and art are all terms that are used to define jewelry that is more exclusive, unique and original than jewelry that is mass manufactured and commonly available.

There is a greater care and expertise taken in the technical execution of the jewelry creation process resulting in a higher quality piece of jewelry. Jewelers that utilize all or any of the terms such as custom, designer or art view their jewelry as more individualistic; as it is produced on a limited scale and sometimes as a one-of-a-kind piece of art; like an original photograph whose image was destroyed after a natural disaster.

Jewelry enthusiasts will find a variety of contemporary and classic designs in sterling silver and gold. Some pieces include semi precious stones, hand blown glass beads or found materials. Each piece is a work of art and reflects great talent and meticulous attention to detail.

 Desert Heart, Inc.                                        Mediterranean Artists Co.

Mullanium Designs                                      Cynthia Chuang

Judith & Don Cook                                       Ashka Dymel

Bronwen Heilman                                         Sean Hill

Wiwat Kamolpornwijit                                   Ann Kearney

Loretta Lam                                                   Sergio Lub

Barbie Levy                                                    Tom McGurrin

Christophe Poly                                             Jayne Redman

Frank Reubel                                               Deborah Richardson

Bree Richey                                                     Sara Rivera

Philippa Roberts                                           Janet Schroeder

Joryel Vera

Rina Young

The work pictured here has been displayed in the gallery and may  not be available at the time of viewing.

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