Inspired by natural forms, honest material and genuine passion for truly handmade in USA lighting, Janna Ugone and Justin Thomas synchronize contemporary and industrial modern elements that explore life interests and tell a story.

“From incorporating reclaimed materials to merging traditional artist processes with innovative technology, we continually strive to present fresh ideas”, says designers Janna & Justin. The results are distinctive, multi-dimensional table and floor lamps, pendants, clocks, mirrors and accent tables that transform space and stir the imagination.

In 2014, the pair will have been in business for 27 years. After all of this time, their concept of quality has grown beyond the scope of their lighting. High standards become important not just for the product but in all the relationships they enjoy. This is true of their colleagues within the company, as well as family of customers and community.

In their sunny studio, located in a historic New England mill building, their small group of highly-trained artisans collectively hand-make each piece individually with lots of discussion and a good, old-fashioned work ethic.

As Ugone and Thomas, and the company evolve, even in the face of the growing number of import products, the idea of providing among the best made in the USA lighting and home decor products still comprises the backbone of their studio. Their goal is a consistency of handmade quality and distinctiveness virtually lost in much of today’s manufacturing.