Jeffrey Manpearl

Each and every Ferroglyph is a unique and individual item of original design and creation. All designs are traced out of steel plates and individually, by hand, with an electric plasma torch. Pieces are then cleaned, signed, welded, polished and finally painted with a clear sealant.

Manpearl first started working with steel in 1985 during his undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley. While earning his Masters Degree at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC), he continued experimenting with metal sculpture and began to develop the unique designs and whimsical characters which have become his trademark.

Manpearl’s pieces are intended to be entertaining and amusing. Their feelings of fun and whimsy are meant to inspire people and give them a sense of joy and levity. Most of the human characters begin as vague self portraits trying to define certain emotions or memories, but usually end up capturing a little bit of the lighter, crazy side of those who acquire or collect them.

In addition to his ever growing line of functional and decorative art, one of his favorite challenges is the growing number of commissions he received for such custom pieces of large scale sculptures, tables, beds, minors, gates, mail boxes, store fixtures and commercial signage. He has signed pieces throughout the United States, and in Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, England and Japan.

Manpearl, a native Californian, lives with his wife Charlene in Venice and works out of his studio in Rancho Dominquez, CA.

*Ferroglyph is derived from the Latin word, ferrosus, meaning of, relating to or containing irons. From the Greek word, glyphel, meaning, a symbolic figure or character; a picture or symbol that conveys information non-verbally.