Who doesn’t love an original work of art?

Here at Mullaly’s 128 Gallery, we have a beautiful grouping of artists with many skills and talents, including those of The Image House, where they’ve built a strategy to branch out to a community of creative people.

With cutting edge equipment and years of experience working within every level of design, their community or artists are growing quickly. With many materials and processes to choose from, they collaborate together to customize their plan, and create a unique work of art as a result.

With combined passions, the Image House creates Lazy Susans, glass tops and innovative art work on wood, metal, glass, acrylic, mirror and more, with the latest digital technology and materials and a network of talented people.

The result is everything you, a designer and retailer need to move your vision forward to provide, personal yet functional, art products for any style and design plan.

Artists featured:

Linda Herbert, has had the unique experience of being on both sides of the camera. Before launching her own custom card business, she modeled for top photographers in the photo industry. Her work has been published in several magazines which include, Better Homes & Gardens, Women’s Day, and many more. Over the years Herbert has traveled extensively covering numerous trade shows and speaking engagements sharing her expertise. Her photography continues to draw attention due to her years of experiences and skills in graphic design, along with her creative techniques behind the lens.

K. Lyons, grew up in Chicago, where her artistic talent was greatly influenced. As a young mom, Lyons and her sister Jane owned and operated a wallpaper and design business in Chicago. Today she is the proud mother of four children and ten beautiful grandchildren. She and her husband John, live in Hobart where she is an active member of the Hobart Arts League. Lyons has been relating art throughout a wide scope of media all her life, but prefers to work in acrylics. To know her is to enjoy her eclectic taste, which is reflected in her bold and bright colorful collaborations that often land between Mexican fold art and surrealism. Her love for birch trees seems to be highlighted often and have attracted quite a following.

Larry Brenchmen, working as a theatrical lighting designer and musical theater stage director for over forty years, Brenchman’s photography has been largely avocational. Mostly used in his own design and directing portfolio, or for promotional and production pictures including actor headshots. His work with stage lighting gives him a special understanding and a unique vision for his artistic photography. He has been an active fine art photographer for over thirty years. His artistic photography work is mostly in landscapes, scenic, nature, still-work. His work is exhibited in galleries throughout Northwest Indiana and Suburban Chicago. You can also find his work in several private collections, and several regional calenders.

David Collison

For more on the artists, The Image House and their creative pieces, please come in and check out what we have in store.