Barbie Levy’s line of ‘Barb Wire’ is all handmade with sterling silver or gold-filled wire and glass tubing.

Her interest in architectural lines, geometric shapes, and balance has been a strong influence in her work.

Her earrings and necklaces are designed to be lightweight, colorful, and a fun addition to your jewelry collection. Easy to put on (and take out), these earrings are the perfect accessory for any outfit, whether it’s going out with friends, a fancy dinner, or just ‘throwing something on.’

To maintain, very gently rub the exposed wire with a polishing cloth. Please hook the earring wire closed while on the ear to prevent loss.

Polishing clothes, earrings and necklaces from the ‘Barb Wire’ collection are sold here at Mullaly’s 128 Studio and Gallery in Elk Rapids. Earring backs are free with any purchase of earrings and will be given to you at check-out.