Thirty-six years ago in 1965 Donald Cook and his father, Forrest, purchased a lapidary shop in downtown Boston from a skilled German stone cutter, Eugene Leyendecker. Eugene stayed with Donald for a year and taught him to cut gems. Donald needed to learn to remove stones for repair, so he apprenticed to a Florentine master jeweler, Carmen Fushetti, for two years.

Custom jewelry work began to come his way and soon he was cutting stones, designing and selling his own jewelry. Area museums and schools began to request Donald to teach courses, which he did. Then he decided to open his own school.

In 1971 Judith, his wife, became a student in their school. They began to collaborate and work separately on designs. Their twin children, Douglas and Deanna, ate age 15 started cutting stones and making jewelry.

Deanna continues to work with them on her own unique designs. Daughter Jemma assists with purchasing and creates pearl necklaces and rings.

Rings are the family’s specialty, using multi-colored fresh water baroque pearls, mobe pearls, Australian boulder opals, amethysts and other precious stones. Combining silver with yellow, pink and green gold granulation has long been a trademark of their work.

Their philosophy: “to create our jewelry with the finest materials, innovative and with strong ties to the traditional, while designing for beauty, durability and wear ability.”

May you wear their jewelry with pleasure and enjoyment.