“I make the objects I imagine.”

Glass artist Stephan Cox, is drawn to the organic liquidity of glass, the “frozen moment,” so to speak, when design becomes reality. He continues to explore the interplay of form, color, texture and light.

The artist’s unique working methods begin with blowing glass, then bringing it to different machines and benches, much like those used by jewelers, to design, blow, carve and assemble without any assistance.Cox studied art at the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin. He has  exhibited throughout the United States and overseas, including the Smithsonian Craft Show in D.C. in 2000, the Philadelphia Museum Craft Show and Centro Studio Vetro in Venice, Italy in 1998, and is the recipient of the Niche Award in 1996.
Cox’s collections can be seen at the Corning Museum of Glass in New York and the White House Ornament Collection in Washington, D.C.
Fun Fact: Many artists will tell you that it’s hard to survive just on art, which is why many don’t – many produce art on the side, while paying bills by a main job. Stephan Cox, however, is one of the few artists who are self-employed, just by their master craft. *He has been a self-employed artist since 1982.