Born in Hollywood, California in 1947, John Cook studied with internationally known glass artist John Burton for two years after which Cook received a scholarship to Brooks Institute of Fine Art and graduated with honors in 1972, with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art.


Cook lives and maintains a studio and gallery in Oregon City, where his current work is an eclectic mix of vases, bowls and perfume bottles. He also produces lamps and lighting fixtures that are designed and made at his studio in addition to the metal work.

Throughout the years, he has exhibited in many galleries and museums, both nationally and internationally.

Cook’s glass blowing technique starts with raw materials, like sand, soda ash, potash and metal oxides; then creating vessels, sculptures, lighting, architectural fixtures, ornaments, custom pieces and his famous “fish glasses.”

You can find some of John Cook’s pieces here at Mullaly’s 128 Studio & Gallery on River St. in Elk Rapids.