With over 42-years of experience, Donald Carlson has developed clean, well proportioned and eloquent shapes in his glass creations. Specifically, his red glass not only best reflects Carlson’s tradition, but he is the only known glass artist that can get the true cherry red color, which is both challenging to capture but very rewarding to create.

While finishing his MBA and MS, Donald took an art class and it was then that he discovered glass. Wanting to delve into the properties of glass and discover it’s mystique, he built a studio in his backyard and taught himself to blow glass. As a result, he earned an MFA in glass and in the span of 42-years, he has made over 60,000 pieces and his work is sold in many fine art galleries across the United States.

Fun Fact: Carlson created many vases, bowls and lamps, which were the mainstay of his business, until an accident in his studio in 2007. Karen, Carlson’s wife, brought him too much glass for the stem of an apple he was working on, when he pulled the stem up to cut, he saw a cherry. His whimsical grouping of cherries, ranging from 6″ to 24″, has put fun back into the art of making glass for Carlson.

Carlson’s cherries are bright and fresh, as delighted as you will be when you see them, think of them in your home, or that of a friend.