Curled Frond

Born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1957, Ed Branson had quite the education background, from first earning his Bachelor’s of Art at Earlham College in Indiana in 1979. His latest education was in 2008 at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Since 1982, glass has been a constant presence in his life. His relationship with glass has been enhanced and explored with some of the world’s glass masters; but predominantly, his own knowledge of the magic material is built on day-to-day experience and practice in his studio. This path has led him to a fairly simple artistic approach; trust the glass, have fun, accept mistakes, study nature and search for beautiful forms and colors inherent in glass’ personality. A beautiful lesson to learn, on the journey itself.

Branson has shown at many exhibitions all over the country, including, the Dane Gallery in Nantucket, Massachuesetts in 1997, the National Museum of Wildlife Art in 2005 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and in 2008 at both Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks Gallery and the Smithsonian Craft Show.

His permanent collections include Snoop Dogg, Ms. Anwar Sadat, Northwest Airlines, Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Holyrood Palace in Scotland, Jordanian Airlines Corporate Headquarters, Westin Hotel lobby in Reston, Virginia and his parents, neighbors and friends.

Interested in learning more about his artistic style or checking out some of his world-renowned pieces? Come into Mullaly’s128 Gallery today and check him out!