After ten years of developing their art in Russia, Oleg and Elena Gorbachevski opened their own studio in Locust Grove, Virginia.

Born in Moscow in the early 1960’s, the Gorbachevski’s graduated with degrees in ceramic art from Moscow State Pedagogical University. In 1987 they set up their own studio, Gorbachevski Porcelain, which specializes in cobalt under-glaze.

Elena began to develop her own special style, incorporating techniques acquired when studying fashion design at the Theater Art College in 1982. In addition to applying her ideas on style to porcelain, both she and Oleg have created highly interesting sculptures in this style and several others.

In recent years, Elena and Oleg have transformed themselves into genuine American artists. They have combined the skills derived from their deep Russian and European roots, with the liberating opportunities of America to create a distinctive, personal artistic vision.