After receiving her BA in Textile Art and Design from the Belgrade University of Arts in 1980,¬†Yugoslavian freelance artist,¬†Vesna Yankovich, went on to receive her Master’s as well.

On June 15, 1994, her art career changed when she made the move to Canada to pursue her artistic dreams.

Yankovich is a fine art master in three-dimensional mixed medium, installations and soft sculptures.

“I treat the wire like fibre, weaving it on a fabric loom and then sewing itinto bags of various shapes and sizes.”

The bad is a symbol of our consumer society. Yankovich gives it an artistic rehabilitation. The lacquer coating that gives the bags their flaming colors makes them tarnish-free and washable.

From tiny pouches for crystals to densely woven vessels and airy square bags resembling lunch sacks, her creations are sculptures, but could be used as fruit bowls, candle holders, flower vases and many more creative creations the mind can make.