Patrick Meyer made his debut in 1985 as a metalsmith and jewelry designer. Having completed his studies in art and design at the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, he joined the world of Parisian high fashion.

Meyer was recognized both as an independent artist selling his work to galleries, boutiques, and stores, and also as a designer working in collaboration with celebrated French fashion houses including Guy Laroche, Charles Jordan, Hanae Mori and Paco Rabanne.

At this point, Meyer created innovative functional accessories for the home as well as unique metal sculptural jewelry for the runway. In 1990, after five years of creative work and experience within the Parisian fashion business, Meyer expanded his vision with a new line of decorative and functional objects. His modern and pure designs were handmade in silver, brass, and nickel.

In the mid-90s, Meyer reached a turning point in his career and life, and relocated to San Francisco, California, where he currently resides. Here, he created Patrick Meyer Studio and successfully established himself as a metal sculptor and designer specializing in functional and decorative cast pewter accessories and objects for the home, office, kitchen, and bath.

Nature, primitive art, and modern art inspire Meyer’s creations. His aesthetic emphasizes pure futuristic and organic lines which incorporate industrial and ethnic styles. The result: symbolic and original designs. He works with high-grade lead-free pewter, a soft metal easily forged, molded, and cast.

Patrick Meyer Studio currently offers a wide range of elegant designs for his flatware, serving pieces, vases, candle holders, bowls, dishes, jewelry, and personal accessories. He also features a line of Judaica objects and accessories in his pewter collection.

All items are made in the U.S.A. His work can be found in galleries, stores, museum shops, Judaica shops, and synagogue shops throughout the country.