Joryel Vera has been a jewelry designer and fabricator for over 17 years. Like many, he’s gone through major life changes, which has lead him back to his grass roots campaign, where he began as an artist.

Vera participates in many art and jewelry shows where he enjoys getting up close and personal with his customers. He spent several years at a corporate level and was the innovator behind three key design and manufacturing concepts.

This experience has given him the insight and ability to make jewelry that is not just creative and well executed, but affordable as well. His jewelry is the product of many years of his time developing a proprietary fusion process on state-of-the-art ‘laser fusion’ equipment which he uses to fuse gold and silver components.

Vera hopes that you will appreciate this achievement as you enjoy the highest quality craftsmanship available in his jewelry designs. It is also this ground-breaking achievement that allows him to manufacture his jewelry designs in an efficient and affordable way; passing those savings on to you.