Jason Probstein is a lamp-worker living in Asheville, North Carolina. Lamp-working means he works glass tubing and rod with a torch to first heat and then shape his pieces. He uses Corning Pyrex, which is a strong and very durable glass (like in glassware for use in your kitchen).

Jason received a degree in scientific glassblowing from Salem Community College and has studied Venetian glass techniques at the Penland School of Crafts.

When Probstein blows each goblet, he fumes pure gold and silver to each piece created. The red wine makes the lightweight glass opaque, which brings out clear lines, or dots blown into each piece. Each wine glass is durable for everyday use and can be put into dishwashers without concern.

Probstein reached a goal of having his pieces in museum gift shops throughout the United States. What makes his work stand out from out artists is that his lightweight, durable ornaments and glass pieces are unique in shape and color pattern.

Probstein is inspired by the National Museum in Istael that had ancient traditional glass on display. He saw shapes and sizes that stimulated him, and when back in his studio, incorporated the ancient shapes into his functional art. His collected pieces are enjoyed throughout the country.

Today, Probstein is surrounded by the beautiful Appalachian Mountains and is inspired by the natural world as well as the art community in Asheville, North Carolina. Probstein has many well-established relationships with local galleries as well as support from the art community.

“North Carolina is the perfect place to create.”

Fun Fact: Probstein has performed glassblowing demonstrations at Walk Disney World and is sold at top galleries and museum gift shops including the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and The Art Institute of Chicago. 

Probstein is spirited, passionate and committed to the consistency and perfection of each piece he makes, wanting them to being original and a unique signed work of art.