Silvano Assensi was born in 1933 in Piaggione, near Florence in northern Italy. his interest in sculpting began at age eight and his artistic studies began in Lucca, at the Istituto d’ Arte. There, he sculpted with Ivao Bertania, painted with Giovanni Gianell, and worked with Mario Bendanalle. He came to America in 1960, where he established his own commercial studio.

Since birth, Assensi had the desire to create a visual perception of his dialogue with life, which can be seen in the reality of his paintings.

Since Assensi’s return from his beloved homeland, he has renewed his vision and passion for his landscapes and seascapes. His chromatic pallet of nature comes alive with canvases in poetic form of communication with expressing typical Impressionism. 

Impressionism was an artistic movement that emerged in the painting of the French 19th Century. The name of the movement is derived from the work ‘Impression, Sunrise’ (1872) of Claude Monet. It started with a group of young painters who broke with the prevailing rules of painting until then.

His works or art, grace many private collections and numerous galleries throughout American and Europe.