Yes, this is glass!

“Born in fire, colored by the sun, kissed by the moon, shaped by wind and water”

These words echo Frederick Warren’s mind as he works on his glass work. Travels to the American Southwest and recurring dreams provide focus. No doubt, the rock gardens Warren built in his youth play themselves out again in his glass.

Warren makes his own color and the images are created and controlled during the blowing. After cooling, many forms are cut, ground, and shaped before all are acid-etched.

He employs one full-time apprentice, Jeff Van Hassel, who assists in every phase in the production of each piece; whether it be blowing, cutting, grinding, polishing and acid-etching. Hassel builds and maintains equipment and pursues his own work.

Warren can only do the current series he is working on with help. Any success depends on all talented hands and impassioned hearts.

To check out Frederick Warren’s current series, please stop in to Mullaly’s 128 Studio & Gallery to view his work.