“Ice” Jewelry

 As a native from the rolling green hills of Shelby, North Carolina, Suz Mole is a fused glass artist. Known for her “ice jewelry,” Mole combines various pieces of glass by layering and stacking them together, and then kiln firing them to a temperature of 1500 degrees where the bits and pieces of glass melt or “fuse” together.

suz! glass orn1.jpg

Another popular item are her hanging ornaments, which she makes by first drawing unique, whimsical designs that emphasize love, laughter and color. After she has base shapes, Mole embellishes the designs with glass frit, glass powder and shaped pieces of colored and dichroic glass. Post-firing, the colorful and sparkling ornaments are accented with her signature wire wrappings that often include the use of beads, charms and jewels.

Her inspiration comes from her mother, who taught her to love pretty things at a very early age – passionate, artistic and sensitive, just like her mother. Mole has always had an affinity for bright colors and symbolic shapes, particularly hearts, because she wears her heart on her sleeve; therefore she forever feels a draw towards hearts.

When she first started firing, eighteen years ago, one of the first pieces she made featured a heart. It really spoke to her then, and each heart after that, speaks to her now.

Mother Earth is another source of her inspiration with her daily beach walks, which have motivated Mole into creative flowing, nature inspired glass imagery. She loves discovering dried ocean coral, shells, sea urchins, and even the elusive (for Pawleys Island) sand dollar. She has begun incorporating these treasures, and the infinite variety of colors she sees everyday, into her fused glass pieces.

suz! glass about10.jpg

The resulting bowls, ornaments, sculptures and wall hangings each celebrate and preserve the organic beauty of the beach, and making them heals her soul.

Drawn to South Carolina by the beaches and the ocean, today, Suz Mole lives and maintains a full-time glass arts studio in Pawleys Island, five minutes from great beach walks and beautifully, elusive treasures.