Maine artist Konrad Hunter, has been working with hot glass since attending Penland School of Craft in 2000. Hunter spent several years perfecting his craft before moving to Northern California, where he worked as an assistant glass caster.

After graduating with a degree in mathematics from Humboldt State University, he moved back to his home state where he is continuing to work as an independent artist.

Konrad’s favorite things about glass blowing, are playing with fire and the way glass moves. When he works, he turns out the lights. The glass glows an orange or red when it is hot and Hunter loves it. Besides being beautiful, it is a great indicator of glass temperature. This in turn, informs Hunter on the right moment to make a move. Timing is everything, but after the first hour or so it all flows into one long dance. There is a natural elegance to the entire process.

Hunter’s glass technique is known as lamp working due to the use of the torch for heat. Originally used for laboratory work, lamp working has recently become a widespread for artistic glass including neon signs, bead making and sculptural work.