When Paul Harrie creates his glass, he is inspired by childhood memories of snow covered landscapes and the clear, icy light of winter in North Dakota.

After receiving a Master’s of Fine Art from the University of California, Los Angeles, under the instruction of Richard Marquis, Paul opened his own studio in 1980.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of cane and murrini techniques, Paul’s work displays a precision and attention to detail rare in studio glass. Every piece is hand crafted and inspected to ensure the highest quality.

*Murrine (plural form: murrini) is an Italian term for colored patterns or images made in a glass cane (long rods of glass) that are revealed when cur in cross-section. Murrine are designed by layering different colors of molten glass around a core, then heating and stretching it into a rod. When cool, the rod is sliced into cross-sections of desired thickness with each slice processing the same pattern in cross-section. For example: