Judson Guerard has been a glass blower for over 20 years.

As a material, hot glass focuses and sustains his interest in the immediate task of doing, making while hinting and sometimes pointing in a direction away from the particular task.

It hints at a melding of hand and mind in a symbiotic process of doing and becoming blown glass art, in which each sustains or rejuvenates the other to continue the process.

Each of his series of work, the Shunyata Series, Chaos Series and Glass Goblets all have a different technique and meaning.

Shunyata, meaning ’emptiness in being’ in the Buddhist religion, are made up of fused, frosted glass shards that become a luminous container when finished. This form of glass making is only useful to act as a vessel for the emptiness which gives it its form.

Chaosis not about the transparent beauty of glass, but rather about the contrast and continuity of the vessel. The interaction of color, texture and form which, in the right light, can reveal the subtle, luminous beauty of the glass itself.

Glass Gobletsis somewhat like doing calligraphy for Guerard. The repeated creation of a known form within utilitarian boundaries which serve to refine his skills, focuses on him. Sometimes it is rewarding, giving Guerard a “spontaneous” happy.

Needless to say, Guerard, as a glass blower, is unique to his fellow glass blowers. He puts his beliefs into his feeling and does so with little emotion.