Here’s an idea of how big the small marbles are. Fine’s marbles come in small, medium and large.


Remember collecting or trading marbles as a kid? Jody Fine’s marbles are ones you wouldn’t want to give or trade up.

Lattacino marbles were lost to the world when the industrial revolution made mass-produced marbles possible. The art of handmade marbles was revived by the partnership of Dick Marquis, Jack Wax and Jody Fine in the 1970’s.

J. Fine Glass marbles come in a variety of types, shark’s egg, banded, tri-fin, quad fin, onion skin and whatever else comes to Fine’s mind at the moment of design for the day’s work.

The patterns are constantly shifting and evolving, and the perceptive collectors can date a Jody Fine marble by the pattern and colors in the orb.

Fine also makes beautifully colored bowls, plates, sculptural blenders and baskets, and other items.