Studying under Andy Magdance and Michael Taylor in the 80’s at RIT in Rochester, New York, Kurt Carlson soon received his Bachelor’s of Fine Art. Kurt attended workshops at both the Penland School of Crafts and “The Studo” under two masters of hot formed glass sculpture, Pino Signoretto and Dino Rosen.

With the dreams of becoming an artist herself, Linda Pownall-Carlson was raised by artist parents who had a photography business in Chicago. At the age of five, Linda did a 12′ x 20′ mural in crayon which was accepted for the Annual Scholastic Exhibit at the Art Institution in New York. She attended the University of New Mexico and Nazareth College in Rochester, New York and graduated with a degree in Fine Arts, concentrating in metalsmithing and casting. Her medium interest has expanded a great deal, studying with other artists who focus on casting, enameling and photo sandblasting.

Together, Kurt & Linda Carlson are Carlson Glassworks, a collaborative effort consisting of contemporary and elegant glass sculptures. 

Their work is a rare combination of mutual care and attention to an unusual multi-step process. Kurt begins by creating an interior design of murrini, a cross-cut piece of glass used to create larger works, ad trapped air in glass that is encased in the center of the hot sculpture. The entire piece is then shaped by manipulating the hot glass for two-to-three hours. After Kurt has finished the hot sculpting and glass blowing, and the pieces have cooled, Linda adds detailed designs by sandblasting and painting by hand, with enamels and firing.

This multi-step process is one that has been developed over many years. When the steps are completed, the original glass design is still visible inside the head (of their sculptures). Looking into the clear area, the viewer is able to see the interior design, as well as the reflections of the outer design, giving the sculptural head depth mystery and intrigue.