Watercolor on canvas

As a retired art teacher for thirty years from Palos Heights, Illinois, Lenox Wallace has a BA and MA in Art Education. She studied with Irv Shapiro from 1983-1985 and received a MWS Signature in 1988.

As a watercolorist, Wallace tends to the direct and spontaneous. While using a dynamic value range in her work, Wallace enjoys interpreting various subjects, utilizes a range of surfaces, and is always intrigued by light effects.

For eighteen years, Wallace has been running adult watercolor classes in the Chicago suburbs. For fifteen years, she has offered watercolor workshops at the Peninsula Art School in Wisconsin. She has held various Art League demos, critiques and jurying over the last decade, and enjoyed running Plein Aire garden events for several summers.

Her work is represented in Splash 3, Splash 5 (Northlight), and Watercolors in a Weekend (David & Charles). 

Recently, she was featured in Mullaly’s 128 Studio & Gallery as the Artist for Art Beat in October.

Her work has been sold here for many years.