Tuscan Sunflowers 


Imagine blending creativity and detail, sparked by paintings of vivid color and oil on canvas. Jill Swanson’s images are developed in a unique way that results in dramatic art, which reflects her style of intense emotion and creation.

Swanson began painting during her childhood in Galesburg, Illinois, and enjoyed her first commercial success as an artist when she was in her early twenties.

Currently, she lives and paints in Oak Park, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. The intensity of her colors dominate in her work. More than just a visual property, color in Swanson’s work is a spiritual being tied in with the nature of everything she paints. Color is created by light, which in turn is the primary tool with which life was created. Swanson believes that colors are felt not just aesthetically, but also physically – they strengthen and heal the body as well as the soul.

Swanson’s positive, hopeful vision of life can be seen and felt in the images that she gives us in her brilliant canvasses. To view her work, please visit us here at Mullaly’s 128 Studio & Gallery in Elk Rapids.