Elk Rapids artist, Joani Braun, lives in a world of beauty and light. Famous for her Roadkill Series, her favorite animals to paint are deer and fox. She admires their adaptability to man.

As a watercolor artist, living comfortably in the woods, she portrays a story with each brushstroke, finding pleasure in portrait paintings and sketching while interviewing people.

“I ask myself, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, ‘Who am I not to be!'”

Through her art, she just lets her light shine She has journeyed from Studio Angelico, where she spent a couple of college years, to Studio Braun, where she loves to creatively work and breathe.

“I am opened to growth. I am grateful to my teachers on both sides of the ocean.”

Always growing…like a tree…slowly.