Known for her ability to capture the essence of natural beauty and exciting activities of the beautiful “crystal clear” Torch and Elk Lakes, and surrounding Northern Michigan county, Artist and Photographer Rose Bechtold is a life-long, year-round resident of Bellaire, Michigan. Residing with her husband Bud, a musician and airplane pilot, he helps Rose take one-of-a-kind photographs of breathtaking aerial views of Northern Michigan’s chain of lakes.

Her photography depicts the many moods and colors of the ever-changing season of the north country, from the warm colors of the fall trees, the quiet of the woodland covered in snow, the freshness of bursting new growth in spring and the excitement of the sailing regattas in summer.

Presently, a selected group of works by Bechtold can be found in distinctive galleries and fine retail stores across Northern Michigan. Her works include various sizes of photography in hand-crafted solid wood frames and the extremely popular, “something special” greeting cards.

Please come in today to purchase some of her colorful and ‘mood-changing’ cards, as well as her aerial shots.