Fine artists providing a visual treat

The fine art of painting - with watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels - is proudly presented in the gallery. You'll discover collages, batiks, traditional, as well as impressionistic and expressionistic paintings. The fine arts include outstanding photography and sculpture.

Please note that this web site can not do proper justice to display the talent of these fine artists and only serves to represent their work.

Kim Belland
Joani Braun
Rose Campbell
Marian Christenson
Dar Fenner
Robert Fionda
August Gloss
Vance Hannah
Dianne Fisher Kilcherman
Joyce Kilpatrick
Harold Lyon
John MacDermaid
Ken Marsden
Richard McKee
Delbert Michel
Don Mitchell

Bonnie Olendorf
Dave Rieden
Ray Rohr
Patti Sevensma
G. Eric Slayton
Barbara Stewart
Bettina Tysklind
Lennox Wallace
Sharon Will





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