Celebrating 19 years in Elk Rapids, Michigan, Bill and Barb Mullaly have established Mullaly's 128 Studio & Gallery as a prominent fine art gallery in Northern Michigan. The gallery exhibits the work of over 400 fine artists and craftsmen from throughout North America. The art work includes unique pottery, jewelry, original paintings, wood and much more, but Mullaly's 128 Studio & Gallery has become synonymous with "Outstanding Glass". We are pleased and proud to represent the talent, skill and dedication of those who help keep our world beautiful.

What you will view within the next few pages is but a sampling of what is in the gallery. Please contact us if you have questions about what you see or don't see and what you would like to see. If you are visiting in northern Michigan stop in and you will understand why so many have said, "...who would have believed you'd find such a wonderful and varied collection in Elk Rapids!'

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