Ceramic Artists

From the traditional to the unusual, from the serene to the humorous ceramic artists use the earth to mold their creations and invite us to touch and behold.

Randy Au
Lisa Austin
Jerry Berta
Kerri Buxton & Brad Taylor
Christine Colombarini
Louis Colombarini
Bob & Ann Crystal
J. Davis
Kristin Donner
Mary Endress
Alison Feargrieve
Joyce Furney
Jim Gremel
Phillip Harris & Anne Schiesel-Harris
Mark & Jennifer Hatfield
Woody Hughes
Carolyn Leung
Steve Mahler

Marc Matsui
McGovney & Camarot
Cindy Menne
Rejane Mercier
Jana Pavlasek
Laura Ross
Nancy Rasch Salamon
Gabrielle Schaffner
Gwen Schaiberger
Steve Schrepferman
Kimberly & Greg Smith
Rick Stafford
Debra Swauger
Leslie Thompson
Janet Williams

The work pictured here has been displayed in the gallery and may orm ay not be available at the time of viewing.

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